About L’âme Du Dahlia

 L’âme Du Dahlia is an official Kennel registered with the CKC (Cyprus Kennel Club) and FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale).
We feel great privilege that we are able to share our love for the Poodle. We are committed to continuous growth and improvement as breeders, with a strong desire to positively contribute to the breed we hold dear. Health, training, and love for our dogs are paramount. Puppies from L’âme Du Dahlia receive meticulous care from birth until they go to their new homes. The breeding process is carefully planned to ensure high-quality pups. We prioritize placing puppies in loving and performance-oriented homes. We breed toy, miniature and standard poodle based in Cyprus. They are also show dogs with multiple titles and they all come from a long line of Champions from different corners of the world, genetically, character and health tested. Our goal is to raise top quality Poodle. All of our dogs are family members and are treated as such! All our dogs live beside us in our home or with a guardian family. Our dogs are family members, we love them and respect them. Breeding and Poodle are my love, my hobby, my passion...my life. Raising with respect & love.

All our dogs are screened and genetically tested for genetic diseases. We enjoy learning, teaching and exhibiting our dogs at all types of venues, or rather however much we can keep up with. For years the learning has never stopped, and will never stop as our aim is to breed top quality dogs.​ Our dogs are active in both work and show.


My name is Yiota and Poodles are part of my life. I started breeding with Pomeranians in 2016 and since I bought my first Poodle in 2019 I have fallen in love with this breed. Pomeranians will always be my first love, but I stopped breeding Pomeranians since I bought my first Poodle because I wanted to focus in one breed. I start breeding Poodles in 2020 and from the day one I tried to have beautiful and show quality Poodles and to be able to develop this breed even better. My priority is the health of my dogs and to have good standards of the breed so I can be a successful breeder without having any issues on my upcoming puppies.
My love for the breed and generally for the animals is the reason which made me to deal with breeding and is something that gives meaning in my life. I always choose who is going to get one of my puppies because dogs are not toys and I wanted to know where they are going to live and if the owners can have the standards that I want to be able to have a dog.
If you are interested to get a puppy from my Kennel you have to get in the waiting list which I keep . 
I always give my puppies after their 3rd vaccination with the microchip and pedigree F.C.I. 
I do this because I don't want to risk the health of the puppies and I want to be sure that the puppies are ready to move to their new home.
A dog can be your best friend but it can’t be your toy that you will get bored of it in 2-3 months.

We take health, training and loving our dogs to the fullest degree. All our dogs are screened and genetically tested for genetic diseases. We enjoy learning, teaching and exhibiting our dogs at all types of venues, or rather however much we can keep up with. For years the learning has never stopped, and will never stop as our aim is to breed top quality dogs, and to contribute in our way to the breed.

Dogs available for stud to approved bitches who have likewise been screened and D.N.A. tested, have sound temperament and conformation, and also (very importantly) bitches must be registered. Bitches must have a pedigree and be titled, proven and/or champion.

It's a Wonderful World

Raising with respect & love. And that's what I'm dedicated to! Take a look around my website and you'll find out more about me and my dogs.

Why our pups are different...


Our journey begins with healthy, happy parents. All of our parent dogs are extremely well mannered, have great temperaments and undergo not only genetic but physical health testing. A healthy puppy begins with healthy parents. It is important that our parent dogs are the best examples of what a Poodle should be in order to breed the best puppies.


Our dams are given the best care throughout their pregnancy. From vet visits, extra nutrition, on-call vet services, and more, our Moms are well prepared to bring their puppies into the world. Once their due date approaches Moms are integrated into their whelping area. At this point they receive daily massages and grooming care. During whelping our moms receive delivery assistance as needed.


Once puppies are born into the world we begin ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) at 3 days old. This is performed on days 3-16, including gentle handling and daily weights. ENS is known to improve cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. ESI improves nose awareness and confidence.


At 3 weeks old we move into a more advanced curriculum with our puppies. We begin a “10 step puppy massage” every day and increase pressure weekly. We use our 10 step handling exercises to ensure our puppies are exposed to various types of touch, handling and sensation. This includes eyes, nose, inside mouth, around collar, tummy, down back, pull tail, tug on ears, and tapping nails.


At 3 weeks we also begin socializing our puppies to different sounds, sights, textures, things to climb on, run through and more. We believe in empowering over enabling our puppies. We set them up to conquer physical and mental challenges every day. By doing this we build our puppies nerve strength and confidence as well as problem solving skills. Our goal is provide our puppies with a stable and enriching environment for the first 8 weeks of their lives.